A program dedicated to improving everyday life skills

$15 per week | 8 week course = $120
Time management
Post high-school planning & development
Resume Building
Job Placement
Budgeting (Income/Expenses)
Banking and saving
Starting a business

A program dedicated to enhancing job skills

$20 per week | 8 week course = $160
Exploring your story and creating your path
Career readiness skills (resume building, computer literacy, etc.)
Preparing to enter the workforce
Communication & interpersonal skills
Financial foundations for success
Job placement & retention
Soft-skills to obtain and maintain employment

A program dedicated to teaching and enhancing the basics

$50 per week | 8 week course = $400
Broadcast writing
How to create a live stream
How to create a podcast
Editing & video production
Gear for beginners
Interviewing guests/experts
Writing & recording voiceovers
On-air presentation

The Woo Center, partnering with The American Red Cross, will offer First-aid, CPR and AED training to underserved individuals.

3 hrs 51 min self-based/on-line training
2 hrs 15 min
Classes of eight or more
Equipment provided
Certificates given

A program dedicated to improving Spanish language communication skills

$20 per week | 8 week course = $160
Spanish alphabet
common phrases

Students will learn “Total Immersion” swim techniques, including:

$20 per week | 8 week course = $160
swim safety
streamlining (minimizing drag)
finding your center of buoyancy
breathing (inhaling & exhaling)
proper freestyle stroke technique
the two-beat kick
to be taught at the University of Toledo Aquatics Center

  • Students will learn the basics of Chess, including:

$15 per week | 8 week course = $120
tournament rules
the strengths and weaknesses of each piece
basic tactics
basic strategies
common openings
PLUS... free membership in the WOO Center's Thursday night chess club

Students will learn the basics of art & design for the web & 3D production.

$50 per week | 8 week course = $400
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Art Fundamentals (Adobe Photoshop)
Image Editing (Adobe Photoshop)
Computer Animation (Autodesk Maya)
Video Editing (Adobe Premiere)
Web Design (

  • Students will learn the basics of playing an E-flat alto saxophone, including:

$30 per lesson (minimum 1 lesson per week required) | 8 week course = $240
instrument care and maintenance
common scales
proper finger placement
proper embouchure
proper breathing technique

A program dedicated to teaching and enhancing wellness care

$50 per week | 8 week course = $400
Everyday basic skin care
Hand & nail care hygiene

The Woo Center offers an after-school enrichment program for school-aged children, assisting with homework, tutoring, and arts & crafts.

Enrollment includes 3 days per week for 3 hours each day.
Cost per child is $50 per week, $150 per week for family w/3+ kids.
Transportation may be provided for an additional $20 per week
One meal per child is included each day.

Gun Safety

Students will learn the basics of gun safety, including the following...
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- Safe Gun Handling
- Pistol Parts & Operation
- Ammunition
- Shooting Fundamentals
- Range Rules
- Two-Handed Standing Position
- Cleaning & Maintaining the Pistol
- Full Explanation of Ohio CCW Manual

Students will learn the basic principles of peace in the face of violence.

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Your Title

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- Information Gathering
- Education
- Personal Commitment
- Negotiation
- Direct Action
- Reconciliation


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- Arts & Crafts
- Trips to the Library
- Musical Performances
- Bingo

GED Preparation

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Classes are Free
Online class option is available


Scholarship Plan: available to students who demonstrate a financial need & exceptional potential (requires completed financial application)

Course Bundle Plan: 10%-25% off depending on courses taken

“Work For Tuition” Plan: students have the option of working for the Woo Center/Preston Homes II to earn their tuition for courses. (requires completed financial application) Contact for more information.

Partial Payment Plan: Students can pay half of their tuition up front and the other half four weeks after courses have begun (requires completed financial application)