Preston Homes II has been in the field of providing compassionate care to individuals with mental health challenges and disabilities since 2012. Our goal has always been to make a difference in our community.

In 2021 The Woo Center was born to continue the mission of Preston Homes II. We will now be offering specialized career training programs specifically for people with disabilities, mental health challenges, or any other underserved individuals wishing to learn a life or job/career skill.

The Woo Center offers a variety of career training programs to enhance various skills and abilities. Classes are open to all students regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or handicap.

Whether you are seeking to improve your skills for your current job, learn skills for a new career, or just want to learn something new, The Woo Center is the place for you!

Why Choose Us?

Get The Attention You Deserve!
Small Class Sizes
Professional Instructors
Connection to Mental Health Services
Individualized Interview Training
Job Coaching/Placement
Resume Services

Meet the team!

Brandie Preston


Brandie holds Masters degrees in Public Health from the University of Toledo & from Bowling Green State University. Brandie creates solutions and helps people whenever she can. Aside from founding the Woo Center, she also created its parent company Preston Homes and Preston Homes II. When she is not out helping others, Brandie enjoys spending time with her two young sons.

Leah R Pierson

Director of Operations/Instructor

Leah is in charge of daily operations and is also one of our instructors. She is a graduate of the University of Toledo and holds a BA in Communications. She leads the Life Skills, Jobs Skills, and Broadcast Journalism programs. Leah is a mom of 3 who enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, dining out and traveling in her spare time.

Austin Bembry

Gun Safety Instructor

Austin is in charge of the Gun Saftey program at the Woo Center. He is a graduate of the University of … Austin is a father of.. ? who enjoys spending time with his family, shopping, dining out and traveling in his spare time.

Ben Rosales

Digital Media Arts Instructor

Ben is a graduate of Bowling Green State University’s Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts program. Ben is in his 10th year of teaching computer animation courses at the post-secondary level. Prior to teaching, Ben was a professional animator. Ben leads the Woo Center’s Digital Media Arts, Chess, & Spanish Language programs.

When Ben is not animating or teaching, he is probably playing chess with the Woo Center Chess Club, swimming, serving in his church, watching movies with his family, or playing tunes on his saxophones.

brosales DemoReel – YouTube

Character Designs | largerthanlife (

Our Client Testimonials

“Took his time to explain where everything is and what everything means. He gives you the basics instead of jumping in the middle. He’s patient and explains everything to the simplest possible form.”
- Mohamed M. Digital Media Art Student
“Ben has helped my daughter become more proficient in 3D animation modeling using Maya software. They’ve worked on modeling parts of the face, fixing models, Snapping vertices… He has taken her through the process step by step and helps her through the challenging parts as she learns! He’s a great teacher!”
- Jen J. Digital Media Art Student's Parent