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THE WOO CENTER Mature Citizens Corner

The Area Office on Aging has a program called The Kinship Navigator. The Kinship Navigator provides information and resources to grandparents and other relatives who are raising children in their extended family. Many of the children have behavior and learning disabilities, which can be a daily challenge to the Caregiver. The Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio connects grandparents and relatives raising children to information and services in our community, including education programs, financial assistance, health care for the children, and more.


The WOO Center is here to assist you! We will have an academic intervention program coming soon. We will be offering the academic intervention to students in grades K-6. Please call 419-531-1200 for further information.


The WOO Center will be opening its Mature Citizens Activity Center, on November 28, 1922! The Center will be located at 227 Wamba Ave. It will be a space for a quick meal, card playing, field trips, reading, or just for kicking it with new friends. Call 419-531-1200 for more information.


Enjoy the Festive Holidays! May God guard you, and provide you with Safety and Prosperity!

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